314 Action, a PAC that focuses in STEM education and the logical application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to public policy, approached me to manage their 2016 rebranding. Their original logo point toward a more literary focus and they wanted to invite a more scientific perception of their brand. The relaunch of the 314action.org site was a pressing deadline, the branded needed to be completed in 48 hours.

After receiving a few spark points the founder and marketing director wanted to incorporate I presented the nine concepts below. 

The Founder wanted to see concept 7 but with a heavier feel. The Marketing Director wanted to move forward with the element concept (3) with the incorporation of both colors as well as a buttoned-up version of 9 . Below was presented as round 2

The 314 Action board settled on the "Budding Cells" Logo. The design represents the spread of information the committee strives for, and how the STEM community and policy makers can learn from each other. I created the brand guidelines document below to promote brand consistency.