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Design brief

Dovetail is an auctions and appraisals service designed for novice collectors to inspire trust and confidence when buying, selling or simply owning items of subjective value.



  • 3-week


  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Marvel
  • Invision


  • UX Researcher
  • UX Designer
  • Visual Designer


  • Developer Documentation
  • Design Documentation
  • Hi-Fi Mock-ups
  • Interactive Prototype

Competitive Analysis

Before starting my interviews I conducted a competitive analysis to see what is currently on the market, what these services do well, and what they could improve upon. 


Value My Stuff 

Value my stuff is an online appraisal service. They do a great job appraising all types of items in a short period of time, but they don't offer any kind of selling services.   


Ebay is the original online auction house, but its synonymous with fakes and scams mixed in amongst their goods. People said that they used ebay for utility items and things that could easily be valued (a certain brand of clothing). But ebay becomes hard to use when dealing with obscure pieces that don't have much to compare to.        




Letgo is one of the quickest and easiest selling tool on the market right now. You snap a few pics of your product, say how much you want to sell it for and add it to the local feed. Others can initiate a conversation to see if you're willing to negotiate price but no payments go through the service itself. The problem is once again that you aren't sure what something's real value is... and your beautiful piece of furniture could be displayed beside air freshers on the feed.

antiques roadshow

Good old-fashioned appraisers. Antiques Roadshow is great entertainment but you have to hove your pieces to the appraiser, a task that can be vert difficult. Also, you can only get an appraisal, they offer no selling services. One thing that Antiques Roadshow does very well is incorporate a backstory. These histories that accompany a value create an intrinsic value to support an extrinsic appraisal.    


User Research

I conducted research with potential users, furniture collectors, appraisers, and auctioneers. Research showed that both buyers and sellers of item of subjective value greatly appreciate a third party saying they are both getting a good deal. Actually, the majority of people said they would rather pay more (if buying) or sell for less (if selling) if the whole transaction was transparent. This is the key finding that lead to the creation of Dovetail.



Personas were based on people I interviewed, real-world situations and problems. My personas help me strategize what features are necessities and which ones can be left for later development.


Sallie Seller

Sallie’s grandmother recently moved into a nursing center and while cleaning out her house she found an old rocking horse. She thinks its worth getting appraised and maybe selling afterward. She’s never gotten anything appraised before and doesn't know where to start. 

“I know my grandmother’s rocking horse is worth something, I just want to know that I’m getting a good deal”

Brian Buyer

Brian is no history buff, but he likes oddities and collectibles that have a story. He want to buy a few furniture pieces, but want to know about their history; where they come from, who made them. He also whats to know that he is paying a fair price.

“I want to buy interesting pieces, I just want to know that I’m getting a good deal”

Research Take-aways

Novice Furniture Collectors need a better way to have their items of subjective value appraised and auctioned because the current process is intimidating, stressful, and possibly dangerous.


1. Appraising, Buying, and Selling with Trust and confidence 

2. No item can be sold without an appraisal

3. Ability to ship or pick-up purchased items

Sketches & Wireframes


I believe in a low investment, high testability approach to starting UI design. This usually mean hand sketched screen loaded into the Marvel App for mobile applications. As I increase function with each iteration of design and subsequent usability test, I increase design fidelity.  


After a few hand-sketch tested to better understand user flow and functionality, I typically get into higher fidelity wireframes to start incorporative branding, action colors, and stylistic UI choices.  

Account Buying.png
Auction House Page.png
Check Out Shipping.png
List Item.png